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The SMSResponder project is build around a jailbroken iPhone. For version 1, we've used an old iPhone 3g that's been jailbroken and unlocked. The phone itself was then installed with Openssh, perl, minicom and other useful packages for the project.

Project Goals

  • Send and Receive SMS or data commands (SMS is cheaper!)
  • Interface with hardware via the onboard TTL serial port of the iPhone
  • Recycle old iPhones into something useful
  • Build a reliable platform for telemetry/remote control projects
  • Most importantly: start the car.

Project Status

  • Installed remote start in project car
  • activated pay as you go plan w/T-mobile - $.10/message or $15/mo unlimited messaging
  • iPhone sends and receives SMS messages
  • Configured SMSresponder script to start on boot of iPhone - fully automatic
  • Messages are monitored and serial commands are send based on content/authentication
  • iPhone sends confirmation SMS on receipt of valid SMS command
  • Tested monitoring loop for 1 week w/daily sms - no issues

To Do List

  • Web SMS Gateway for online interface
  • poll via serial for status and add telemetry info to SMS
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