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Our New Laser!

We now have a Universal Laser Systems VLS 6.60. Performance is similar to the older unit, but this one has an 18 inch by 32 inch work bed. It also features a 60 watt CO2 laser.

Our old Laser

We used an Epilog Mini 24, 40 watt laser cutting and engraving system. It was built for us by Epilog Laser Systems right in Colorado. We built a quick stand out of some scrap wood and added a couple of switched circuits for driving the filter and air assist compressor.

The mini features a 12×24 bed, 2“ optics (with options for others), Air assist and a 4” exhaust port.

New Air Filter

We picked up an air filter when we bought the new laser. This one is a BOFA. It's much, much quieter than the older unit and works pretty well, despite only being rated for about half the CFM that's specified for the larger unit. It's fine for low-fume jobs. Using blocking spacers (like paper) on the cutting table helps reduce the CFM needed for the unit to operate properly.

Old Air Filter

We opted to go with the same filter that Adafruit uses: an Electrocorp Model RSU12-CCHR. It uses a 10 micron pre-filter, then a Carbon filter, then an electrostatic particle filter, then a medical grade HEPA filter. And it's quiet-ish.

We found that it was easier to vent wood smoke and other relatively safe byproducts with the fan from the filter.

New Air Assist

We purchased a California Air Tools Compressor from Amazon. (Will gave the gast to a friend…. Doh) The new one is relatively quiet and keeps up with the requirements. We added a 1/4“ ball valve inline to the compressor since the laser doesn't have an electric valve built in. When air is needed, we just open the valve.

Old Air Assist

We purchased a gast air compressor (the same manufacturer as the OEM Epilog unit) to drive the air assist needed for cleaner cutting of materials.

Fire Extinguisher

We purchased a recharged 5lb Halotron Fire extinguisher off ebay.

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