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The iPhone dock is a simple, laser cut assembly that turns an apple dock cable into a small dock for your iPhone. You'll need a Phillips head screw driver (regular, not power!) for part of this project.

The kit should look like this when it arrives. Once side still has a paper covering that keeps the acrylic from getting scratched. We remove it from one side for the laser process.

Peel the paper off of each piece - (This is optional, but it'll look better!)

Now we're ready for assembly. Paper is peeled off and all parts are accounted for. You should have four 1“ 4-40 screws, four nuts and four pieces of laser cut acrylic.

Take the first piece with the oval shaped cutout and push your dock cable into the hole. Be firm and it'll slide right in. This is a friction fit - you may need help from someone with stronger hands!

Place the second oval cut part onto the cable and push down. You can set the other two pieces on end and use them to allow the cable to be pushed down.

For the final push, grab that screw driver. CAREFULLY hold the parts on the table and firmly push the cable through the acrylic until you have enough clearance on the connector to use it with your phone. (I use a case on my iPhone 4 and this dock works perfectly!)

This is how the cable looks once it's inserted. Just enough clearance to use it with the phone.

Next add the slotted piece to the bottom of the connector. It'll slide around the cable.

Insert the four screws into the three pieces of acrylic to prepare for the last part.

Finally, just place the bottom piece(engraved with on the screws and add the nuts. We like to hand tighten these - don't screw them too tight or you may crack the acrylic!


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