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Powercord originally had a filter just like the one that this project is based on. I have to admit that when I took ours apart, I had the same thought as the author of this one. Wood frame: check. Another fan: check. Filter media: check.

Parts list just in case

  Qty (1) Fantech Inline Exhaust Fan, 392 CFM, Centrifugal for 6" Duct
  Qty (1) 29500 Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filter
  Qty (2) 3M Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter, 15-Inch by 24-Inc
  Qty (1) Duck Brand 1285234 24-Inch by 15-Inch by 1/4-Inch Foam Air Conditioner Filter
  Qty (1) 55lb bag of activated carbon (I called them and spoke to Karrie Gibbons. Just ask for "4 by 8 coconut shell carbon, for vapor filtration")
  Qty (1) Harbor Freight Router Speed Controlled
  Qty (1) Roll of squishy neoprene shelving liner (It's about 1/8" thick, soft, makes great gaskets)
  Qty (4) 2inch casters
  Qty (1) 3/8" Romex clamp or cord strain relief
  Qty (4) 3/8inch threaded rods
  Qty (8) 3/8inch nuts
  Qty (4) 3/8inch wing nuts
  Qty (8) 3/8inch washers
  Qty (1) 5' roll of window screen
  Qty (1) 5' roll of 1/4" wire cloth
  Qty (1) tube silicon caulking
  Qty (1) 3/8" dowel pin (for the router jig)
  An old extension cord (we only need the male end)
  4'x4' piece (half a sheet) of 3/4" thick birch plywood smooth on both sides.
  Mat board
  Weather stripping (I had leftovers from other projects, but basically 1/4" thick, foam)
  Qty (1) Roll of post filter material (updated!)
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